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Ceramic Plates/ Wall Display

Enjoy the variety of colors and textures in the plate display on view in the dining area at the Venetian Italian Eatery curated by Pat Halle, a ceramic artist from Baltimore. Pat, herself a local potter for over 40 years, collected handmade ceramic plates from a diverse and talented community of clay artists. 

The collection consists of 27 handmade plates, representing the work of 17 contemporary ceramic artists working in studios in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Georgia and New York. These artists work solo, in group studios and within a variety of networks to continue a long vibrant tradition of functional handmade crafts.

Several plates that are not on the wall will be used to display delicious foods.  

Each plate is food-safe.

Contact information for the artists is available upon request.

Plate Display Details

(numbers go left to right)

Top Left 1-6

  1. Kyle Scott Lee

  2. Rich Brown

  3. Pam Berry

  4. Matthew Hyleck

  5. Whitney Simpkins 

  6. Baltimore Clayworks/ Anonymous


    Top Right 7-12

  1. Joann Kandel

  2. Tim Sherman

  3. Cata Chiquillo

  4.  Claire DiSalvo

  5.  Rich Brown

  6.  Kyle Scott Lee

Lower Left 13-18

  1.  Sam Wallace

  2.  Asma Waheed

  3.  Rita Seiko Payne

  4.  Cami Ascher

  5.  Alexandra Fitzgerald

  6.  Sam Wallace

Lower Right 19-24

  1.  Joann Kandel

  2.  Matthew Hyleck

  3.  Ronni Aronin

  4.  Ryan Greenheck

  5.  Cami Ascher

  6.  Sam Wallace


  1.  Carren Clarke Platter (for metal tower in center of dining room)

  2.  Sam Wallace

  3.  Whitney Simpkins

Artists and Contact Information

Ronni Aronin

Baltimore, Maryland


Cami Ascher 

Baltimore, Maryland

Pam Berry 

Gaithersburg, Maryland
Kent Oaks Pottery

Rich Brown 

Hogansville, Georgia


Cat Chiquillo 

Frederick, Maryland

Carren Clarke 

Richmond, Virginia
Woodland Heights Studio


Claire DiSalvo

Baltimore, Maryland
Milkweed Ceramics

Alexandra Fitzgerald

Ossining, N.Y.
A.Fitz Design & Pottery
(914) 953-2523

Ryan Greenheck 

Philadelphia, PA

Matt Hyleck

Baltimore, Maryland

Joann Kandel

Frederick, Maryland
Wabi Sabi Ceramics

Kyle Scott Lee

Brooklyn, N.Y.
CeramicMeltdown Studio

Rita Seiko Payne 

Ithaca, N.Y.
Beiko Ceramics

Whitney Simpkins

Baltimore, Maryland
Personal Best Ceramics  


Tim Sherman 

Smithsburg, Maryland
Sherman Ceramics

Asma Waheed

Ellicott City, Maryland


Sam Wallace 

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore Clayworks/ Anonymous student

Additional Ceramics Contacts:

The Color Network

Baltimore Clayworks 

The Potters Guild of Baltimore

Plate DIsplay Curator: Pat Halle