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Monday - Friday
3 pm - 6 pm

Select Wine, Slushes, Crushes, Margaritas, Martinis, Cocktails 7.00
Select Beer Cans and bottles 3.00


Honey fig jam, basil pesto, walnuts, crostini and arugula.

3 Fried saffron risotto rice balls stuffed with beef, peas and onion. Rose vodka sauce.

Ravioli Tostati
4 Fried ravioli. Side of spicy marinara.

Polpette Classico
3 Meatballs, fresh mozzarella and marinara.

Eggplant Torre
Stacked fried eggplant, marinaram, mozzarella, shoestring onions, basil pesto and arugula.

Shrimp San Marco
Shrimp, tomatoes, capers, scallions, feta, basil, Prosecco lemon-butter and crostini.

Raw Bar
In a half shell. 6 local oysters or cherrystone clams.

Pub Wings
5 Buffalo wings (choose your flavor) and dip!

Honey Fire Sliders
2 Spicy honey-dipped breaded chicken, slaw, pickles, brioche slider.

15% Gratuity Added To Each In-House Check